Research Interests

In my dissertation, I am exploring infants’ and young children’s social networks. My research both 1) describes the nature and structure of these networks and 2) explores how aspects of social networks relate to social cognition. Click here to learn more about the method I developed to quantify young children’s social networks - the Social Network Survey.

Click here for descriptive data on infant social networks.

Click here to see how aspects of 3-year-olds’ social networks relate to perspective-taking.

Click here to see how children’s Social Networks and Neighborhood Demographics relate to each other.

In another line of research, I collaborate with Jenny Lu to look at how langugage experience affects adults’ and children’s social attention in communicative contexts. We examine deaf and hearing adults’ and children’s attention and comprehension of co-speech gesture to understand how early language experience affects social cognition. Click here to see our initial results.